Extreme weather situations in the UK, including severe storm conditions with significant rainfall are an increasing phenomenon and when they do occur usually result in specific challenges for both waste water and industrial effluent treatment operators. A major storm event will trigger a natural flushing mechanism within the mains sewers with the excess foul water carrying larger quantities of rag and debris into the works usually resulting in the main invert system being overridden, choking pumps and flooding tanks, even to the extent of compromising local water courses.


Solids pumping and mixing specialists P&M PUMPS identified the potential for a combined mixing, aeration and cleaning system that will also condition and effectively deal with problem solids and rags without causing the blockages that occur with traditional methods. As a result the STORMTHRUST™ system has been developed which can meet the requirements through bespoke tank designs (any size and shape of tank). The system incorporates the unique VAUGHAN Chopper pump which not only conditions the heavy solids but also creates sufficient flows through multiple high velocity venturi nozzles located on the floor of the tank. The result is comprehensive solids suspension and as liquid levels fall the system will direct flow towards the drain end of the tank.

This process removes the majority of debris and settlement ensuring improved tank conditions and cleanliness compared to current systems. The development and application of STORMTHRUST™ is both a natural progression and a great ally to P&M Pumps’ highly rated ROTAMIX and STM tank mixing systems. Following extensive trials P&M Pumps are delighted to report that 21 STORMTHRUST™ systems are currently being installed at two large Thames Water sites.


These established and successful systems, combined with their ever increasing knowledge and experience, makes P&M Pumps confident in their ability to supply an effective solution to any tank conditioning process or application.

The key features and benefits of the Storm Thrust system:

    • Designed for effective storm tank cleaning
    • Simple replacement / retrofit of existing inefficient units
    • Mixes and aerates tank contents if required
    • Chops and conditions all solids present
    • Suitable for any tank size or shape
    • Tank bridges can be removed
    • Lower life cycle costs

Further details are available from: Matt Harvey, P&M Pumps,

Tel: +44 (0) 1487 830123
Fax: 01487 832888

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