Welcome to P&M Pumps

We have been supplying the unique VAUGHAN CHOPPER PUMP into the UK and IRELAND for 30 years, providing solids pumping and mixing solutions for the demands of the most challenging applications. Our experience in moving solids through the process in many different situations has benefitted a wide range of major corporations and utilities.

Just A Few To Begin With

Waste Water
Sewage, Scum, Sludge, Screenings... from Invert to Outfall
Food & Drink Processing
Stainless construction with foodsafe elastomers and lubricants
Industrial Manufacturing
Waste oils, metals, plastics, solvents ... if it can flow it will go
Any Time Any Place
PTO driven Self-Primer on a BioGas plant
Above Or Below Ground
Pedestal mounted DRY WELL submersible
Short Term Fix For Long Term Effect
DROP IN portable sludge and slurry tank conditioning

Follow the story so far and its no comic book

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