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Options & Configurations

Wet or Dry well, Horizontal, Vertical, Submersible, Suction Lift,  Long Shaft, Close Coupled, Electric, Hydraulic, PTO …….

We have a pump configuration to suit your solids pumping application.

Wet Well – Vertical Wet Well

  • Reliable mechanical seal / oil bath design
  • Eliminates suction pumping
  • Dry running capabilities


  • Eliminates submerged seals and bearing
  • Best for severe abrasion service

Submersible – Electric Submersible

  • Popular for sewage lift stations
  • Retrofits to most guide rail systems
  • Ideal for deep sumps


  • Used primarily in dry well applications where floor space is limited
  • Various sealing systems available
  • Adjustable back pull-out design

Speciality Re-circulating

  • Allows wet well and submersible pumps to be used for mixing and pump out
  • Ideal for mixing or floating settled solids

Hydraulic Submersible

  • Portable pump for tank cleaning
  • Lighter weight than other submersibles
  • Ideal for mobile equipment

Dry Well Horizontal

  • Various sealing systems available
  • Direct or belt drive
  • Adjustable back pull-out design


  • Direct or belt drive
  • Adjustable back-pull design
  • Auto self-priming
  • Suction lift to 8m
  • 4” 6” 8” and 10” models